secret bracelet waterproof for phone

secret bracelet waterproof for phone

Here is the gadget that will allow you to play sports while remaining tied to your phone
Secret bracelet waterproof for phone

The secret bracelet waterproof is the appropriate gadget to practice sports with your phone. With this secret bracelet, your phone is glued to your arm and allows the user to perform physical exercises while remaining linked to his mobile phone, and without any risk that it does not fall and breaks during the activity.

It is designed for men as well as women, adults and children. Stay fit to exercise with your mobile phone. So you stay connected to your contacts to receive and receive calls in one click or even listen to music, …

Note that this gadget is very durable and easy to clean because it is waterproof. It fits any type of mobile phone size, shape and even weight. This is the gadget you need!

You will find it also in our stores in different colors. Also you can choose one with the color that you like the most.

How much does it cost to ship? The price will be fixed according to the number of pieces bought, the weight, the place of dispatch. If you are looking for more products, click here.


Here's the best gadget to stay connected to your phone while doing sports
How to use it? it’s easy, in one gesture you have access to your phone screen
young girl doing her fitness without parting from her phone thanks to the secret bracelet waterproof
secret bracelet waterproof on the arm of a girl







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